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InVision IRL

Since InVision is a 100% remote company, team members only see each other during Zoom calls throughout the year, except for one special week, when the whole company gets together in real life (IRL). This year, the IRL conference was in held Phoenix, Arizona where 800+ InVisioners from 25 different countries gathered together to learn, experience, and leave feeling inspired. 


We created the overall look and feel of the conference that played off of this year's theme: Camp. The aesthetic we established blends modernity and vintage camping together with a touch of Southwestern vibes. A master pattern was created that could be pulled apart and used on various applications making it flexible and cohesive. The color scheme was inspired by vintage camping photos and we even used old found camping photography that was sprinkled in throughout the branding. Everything from signage, lanyards, apparel, posters, and event props were thought of and accounted for to make sure the experience was something the team members at InVision would never forget. 

Art Direction
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