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Lennox -

Degrees of Perfect

To demonstrate the sophistication and innovation of Lennox products, a first-of-its-kind exhibition of art + engineering called “Degrees of Perfect" was held in Los Angeles. It featured five murals, each highlighting a quality of a Lennox® HVAC system. The paint the artists used was thermochromic, meaning it changes color based on the temperature. And the walls they painted on were custom built by Lennox engineers to house Lennox heating and cooling units. By precisely controlling the temperature of the walls in a way only Lennox can, the murals transformed. As each came to life, each told a visual story. A flexible logotype was created to fit each component in the best way possible. The red and blue multiplied effect on the typography represents the clash between hot and cold that mimics the paint used

in the mural artwork.

Photography: Nick Simonite

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