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Inti Provisions

During their many trips to Peru, Ron & Katya McEdo, would always enjoy the vast variety of quinoa products found there such as cereals, bars and snacks. They simply could not get enough and would bring some back home with them each time. There was nothing like what they experienced readily available in the U.S. so they set out on a journey to bring quinoa-based foods to Austin, TX. As a result, they created Inti Provisions, a company that reflects their values of preserving the environment, being socially responsible and giving back to the community.


We had the pleasure of creating the brand identity as well as the packaging for their puffed quinoa product. The llama was chosen to represent the Peruvian roots that inspired this product. In Quechua, one of the native languages of the Andes, “Inti” means sun, who is the main deity in Inca mythology which was the main reason we used a bold yellow represented throughout the brand. The colors, patterns, and logo blend the Peruvian influences that helped start this company with a bit of a modern touch.

Photography: Derek Alvarado

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