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Welcome to Kaizen, a self-directed approach to professional growth. The word "Kaizen" is a Japanese term meaning "change for the better" or "continuous improvement". Feedback in the workplace is broken, and most often delivered within a performance review that is designed for and by the company. Kaizen is different. It's built for people. By providing continuous, anonymous and private feedback, it's a fresh and positive way for individuals to grow.

After receiving an initial round of funding, Kaizen's next objective was to continue improving the application to prepare it for their users. Tasked with creating a unique visual identity system for the brand and app that would create an emotional connection with users and convey a sense of trust and approachability, we drew inspiration from Japanese design, wabi sabi, and simple aesthetics that we infused into the look and feel of the brand.

Visual Strategy
Brand Guidelines

Creative Solution

Steve Wolf Designs developed the Kaizen logo mark to symbolize the concepts of growth and continuous improvement using the negative space to portray an arrow moving forward.

A lowercase execution of the logotype was used to exemplify Kaizen's approachability and trustworthiness. Two shades of green were selected as the primary colors to reinforce these ideas. The Inter font family was selected based on its legibility, versatility, and how well it translates to web applications.

After working with us, the Kaizen team was now equipped with the visual building blocks to develop their product and build excitement within their internal team and its users. 

The overall look and feel established is calming and trustworthy, keeping in mind the end user (i.e. young workers and teams with high trust) and what they are experiencing when they view their feedback. The user feels at ease when they use this product to make them more likely to continue using Kaizen.

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